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Catt Bonilla
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
Sequential Art major currently attending the Savannah College of Art and Design.
Dream jobs include working for DC Comics or working for Rooster Teeth.


Hi y'all! I'm streaming right now to show off some of Clip Studio Paint's features since they're having a 60% off sale for a day. It's an amazing program for Sequential Artists and Illustrators.
My Stream-

Clip Studio Paint Site/Sale-…
Wasp-girl or a Cheetah-girl? I'm trying hard to decide.
Blalalalalalalala. I'm thinking of doing streams in the future again. They used to be really fun for me... it's just that I'm such a slow artist. XD idk what do y'all think?
In other news, living with my boyfriend and our puppy. It's great and def what I needed. They're both amazing and our Pit pup loves me so much it makes me so happy. He like... doesn't like me being out of his sight. He starts crying. He's cuddled against my foot as I type this. <3
Does anyone have a good template for color palettes. Not for specific characters but just for palettes in general. I know drawing programs let you customize your own palette but I need the ability to label them because I always forget which color was for what. :(

Please share with me if you do! <3
Some of you know that I go to college in an area that was hit by Hurricane Matthew. I'm obviously safe! :) I evacuated my county when it became mandatory and am staying at my room mate's house instead of the shelter. We've officially lost 6 classes and I can't return till Weds because of the debris but all my stuff and friends are safe. Love you all! <3





-Dick GraysonxAnybody (Personal Reasons. Sorry)
-Anything obviously offensive

-Anything you've seen me draw in the past.
-Original Characters
-Cannon Characters
-Cannon X O.C. / O.C.xO.C. / CannonxCannon
-MalexMale and FemalexFemale
-Characters in any style you've seen me draw before
-Animals and Creatures (But they aren't my forte)
-Anything that includes(non racist) swear words.
-Anything else I haven't listed? Just ask.

And even if you're not getting a commission you could help me and make me love you forever by spreading the word and advertising me please! I will be paid first then I will draw you your drawing.
$2.36 Chibis
~2 characters = $2.36 They will be inked & colored no extra charge. (36cents  because paypal charges fee)
Additional Characters are +0.25
Digital Drawings
:bulletpurple:$15.00 for up to 3 characters colored. SIMPLE BACKGROUNDS (ex: floodfill/color splashes) DO NOT COST EXTRA!
+$5.00 to add a real + colored background
+$5.00 for every 1 additional person.

:bulletpurple: Oekaki ($6.00) for 1 character
-(OEKAKI CAN ONLY BE WAIST UP OR BUST UP or shoulders up unless its a chibi)
Arwen by CattBonThe Angel by CattBon
$15.00 up to 3 characters, colored (background can b simple or like auras in pic above)
+5.00 for realistic background. 
+$5.00 for every 1 extra character.

$7.00 for up to 2 characters, no background (or you can have very ROUGH draft background) 
+$2.00 for additional characters. 
+$5.00 for Background
Genei by CattBon

~ Acrylic Painting: $12.00 up to 2 characters
Teen Center by CattBonHold My Hand by CattBon

~Watercolor: $15.00 for up to 2 characters
Scaredy Cat Aqualad by CattBonGhost of Kid Flash by CattBon

Your Choice of Digital or Traditional
:bulletpurple:Comicbook Covers (Up to 4 characters) 
-Digitally $10.00 
-Want more than 4 characters? $5.00 per character
-Traditionally with no background $7.00 (instead of 10.00)
-Traditional AND background +$7.00

Vital Et Mors by CattBon Spurious Cover (Reboot) by CattBon Doctor Who 510 Cover by CattBon 
:bulletpurple:Comic/Manga Pages: You decide if you want me to draw from Left To Right (American Style) or Right to Left (Manga Style) for $10.00 per every 2 uncolored pages.
+$5.00 (per 2 pages) to ink it digitally (and not color) the whole thing 
+$2.00 (per 2 pages) to ink it traditionally (and not color) the whole thing 
+$3.00 (per 2 pages) for ink AND color Traditional.
+$5.00 (per 2 pages) for ink AND Digital color.
Help Me... by CattBonNight of the Stalker Page 1 by CattBon Spurious Page 1 by CattBon  
(Usually about 6 panels but you can tell me specifics and it'll probably change amount of panels)

:bulletpurple:Color one of your drawings (I don't do complex ones)
-Digital ($2.00)
-Traditional ($5.00)

RH: We Have to do What? by CattBonI'm Puurrrrfect. by CattBonMcginty Page 25 by CattBon Hey you. Get me out of here. by CattBon
:bulletpurple:Stamp: $0.50 for an animated stamp. $0.25 for a non-animated stamp.
If animated and has more than 10 frames then you add +$0.25 (25 points) for each frame you want to add.
Epic Static Shock Stamp by CattBonWAAAAAAH DOCTOR by CattBonFiranna x BB Stamp by CattBonSpiritxBeastboy by CattBon


CattBon has started a donation pool!
31 / 230
To buy a commission I really want!

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Jamienvisions Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2017  Student General Artist
Will you possibly be doing the "Meet the Artist" meme? c:
CattBon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2017  Student General Artist
hmmmm I don't think I know about this meme?
Or maybe I did but I forgot. What is it?
Jamienvisions Featured By Owner 5 days ago  Student General Artist
It's basically a profile of yourself. You draw yourself with your likes and dislikes, and show what's in your bag (like art supplies, laptop, etc.)

You can just type it on dA and you'll find what I mean. Same with Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram. c:
CattBon Featured By Owner 4 days ago  Student General Artist
Huh. They look cool. I might do it later. No promises because my drive for specific projects has been really off recently. (maybe because of my depression or college.) I just try to draw what I feel since I've been forcing myself to draw things I didn't want to for the last 4 years.
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Jamienvisions Featured By Owner Dec 20, 2016  Student General Artist
I'm curious, have you started that BH6 comic at all?
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